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Wow! Two of my favorite grape varieties, I would be thrilled too! We grow a lot of Lemberger here in the State of WA and have been for many years, so it's fun to see it available in other places. Also, I think the price is excellent. Good post. Thanks!


I heard about this wine and it inspired me to make a similar blend. I grow Lemberger in Michigan and I obtained some Cabernet Franc from another grower. My 2007 blend is 60% Lemberger and 40% Cabernet Franc. It tastes great at this point in time.

Mark Marino

Wow Love Cab Franc but what is lemberger I take it is is a German varietal? Is it a red grape or white? Very interesting!

Lenn Thompson

Bryan, you know that I'm a huge Franc guy and I have liked what Lemberger I've tasted as well. Both are great food wines.

Do you have any favorite Finger Lakes CF's from Keuka Lake? I'll be up that way in a couple weeks...

Jon Hull

I have to try this wine! I first fell in love with Lemberger when I visited My friend Dave Demarco at Seneca Shores Wine Cellars. I own Applewood Winery in the Hudson Valley and I grow Cab Franc now and I'm planting Lemberger this Spring. I can't wait!

Jonathan Hull

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