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jens at cincinnati wine warehouse

I will look for it next time I am at Cutting Edge Selections, the local distributor for Jorge's wines. Nine bucks huh?

jens at cincinnati wine

marcy mcloone

what is monastrell

jens at cincinnati wine warehouse

Spanish for Mourvedre, which is a grape varietal. I am quoting here from the Torres website, "It makes intense wines with good tannic energy that soften with age. It is often used in blends with velvety varieties such as Garnacha (Grenache)."

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jens at cincinnati wine warehouse

Just reviewed this wine and addded a link to your review. Thanks,


WOW! I found it ON SALE for $6.99 locally in MD. Tried it, and went back the next day for a case. How do you beat a sub-$90 case that will likely improve over the next year or three? I'm buying another case for a friend...


Just a quick note. The winery is not owned by Juan Gil. Juan Gil is a separate winery in the Jumilla D.O.

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